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AXONIC focuses its R&D on the design of Active Implantable Medical Devices -AIMD- dedicated to neuro-stimulation.

Vagal nerve stimulation, axonal regrowth, peripheral neuro-stimulation are three examples among the research fields investigated by AXONIC in collaboration with key actors in the field such as CEA, INRA, INRIA, INSERM and LIRMM.

Located in the high technology area of Sophia-Antipolis, France, AXONIC sets as its main objective the development of an advanced implantable electronic platform, both communicative and mutualisable.

AXONIC, through its OBELIA department, contributes to the “Intense” consortium, a project belonging to competitive poles created by the French Government within the framework of “Investissement d’Avenir”.

AXONIC is a complete subsidiary company of MXM.

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35 years of experience in life science

Since 1977 Laboratoires MXM have concentrated their efforts on innovation in the sphere of medical implant devices and the hi-tech medical equipment industry. Laboratoires MXM have a worldwide presence through a network of subsidiaries and distributors and are based in the Sophia Antipolis Science Park (Côte d’Azur, France), where research and work on the development and production of implant devices is carried out.